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October 24, 2014
All the chess that's fit to print!...
Video Spotlight
October 25, 2014
Dr. Kenneth Regan’s TEDx Talk
Getting to Know Our Digital Assistants...
Book Review
October 22, 2014
Bent Larsen’s Best Games
I love history, and of course I love chess...
Endgame Study
October 25, 2014
Endgame Study #926
Endings teach you chess!...
Step by Step
October 22, 2014
Step by Step: Calculation #26
Improve your visualization and calculation...
The Skittles Room
October 15, 2014
A Daydream Finally Realized
When will electronic books replace printed books?...
October 25, 2014
Chess Evolution
Arkadij Naiditsch & Csaba Balogh

An Intuitive Exchange Sacrifice!

This month we present a lightly edited excerpt from Chess Evolution Newsletter #137. CEWN is released every Friday of the week, the newsletter contains twenty-plus pages of great chess material written by top grandmasters Arkadij Naiditsch and Csaba Balogh.
The Puzzling Side of Chess
Jeff Coakley

Mate Tricks and Retro Treats

This column presents ten “Halloween problems”. They are called that because the pieces are wearing disguises. We know where they stand, but we don’t know their colour. Part of the solver’s task is to figure out which pieces are white and which are black.
October 22, 2014
CC Chronicles
Bo Bredenhof

Openings in CC

Opening choice and preparation in OTB chess are important. The goal is to reach a known position that offers adequate chances, and, if lucky, the opponent goes astray somewhere. It also saves important reflection time. In CC opening choice is even more important. There are many openings that are suitable for OTB play, but are not strong enough in CC, and these should be avoided. There is no roo