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October 20, 2014
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Video Spotlight
October 18, 2014
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Book Review
October 15, 2014
Chess Progress
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Endgame Study
October 18, 2014
Endgame Study #925
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Step by Step
October 15, 2014
Step by Step: Tactics #59
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The Skittles Room
A Daydream Finally Realized
When will electronic books replace printed books?...
October 18, 2014
The Puzzling Side of Chess
Jeff Coakley

Minor Convenience

This column picks up where we left off last time, with nine more puzzles involving minor pieces.
Inside Chess
Yasser Seirawan

Annotations by GM Yasser Seirawan

GM Vladimir Kramnik had a nice start at the Investbank tournament at the expense of GM Jan Timman. I've noted that Kramnik's style of play has a wonderful simplicity. His games often flow smoothly from one advantage to another. In this one, Timman doesn't do anything wrong, but is taken apart nonetheless.
October 17, 2014
The Puzzling Side of Chess
Jeff Coakley

The ChessCafe Puzzlers Cup

ChessCafe.com is pleased to announce our second annual puzzle composing competition. The contest is being held as part of The Puzzling Side of Chess, the popular column by Canadian master Jeff Coakley.