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September 30, 2014
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Video Spotlight
October 1, 2014
2014 USCL Week Five
Week Five action in the US Chess League, the Arizona Scorpions take on t...
Book Review
Petrosian: Move by Move
A Fresh Reappraisal of a Chess Original
Endgame Study
September 27, 2014
Endgame Study #922

Golembek’s Encyclopedia of Chess defines an ...

Step by Step
October 1, 2014
Step by Step: Test #22
Step by Step: Test #22 By Mark Donlan ...
The Skittles Room
Morphy Numbers Revisited: The Mortimer Effect
Morphy Numbers Revisited: The Mortimer Effect

by ...

Opening Lanes
Gary Lane

Rumble in the Jungle

Can an opening known as the Lion be a danger in tournaments? Kevin Winter from England is a keen player of the opening and e-mailed to say, "What do you make of the Black Lion? It is very popular in England and I have played it hundreds of times with great success. Even Carlsen, Vachier Lagrave, and most notably Rapport have played it; see the game of Bok v Rapport. Jobova essayed it in reverse
James Rizzitano

A Sparkling Debut and Too Much C.R.A.P.

This month I will review four recent titles: two in the Quality Chess Grandmaster Repertoire series, one in the Everyman Chess Move by Move series, and another book from Everyman Chess. The two Grandmaster Repertoire books are for advanced players and the Everyman titles are primarily for club players. The two happiest days in the life of a chess book author are: The day he or she signs
The Openings Explained
Abby Marshall

The Benko Gambit [A59]

This month's column also comes from a reader request: what to do as white against the Volga-Benko Gambit. Dante Zuniga from Canada wrote, “I always look forward to your monthly column. My problem is in regard to the Benko Gambit. It seems that the lines are easier to play for black than white. I hope you can give me a system that I can use for white.”